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Out of School

Our Out of School Clubs are all about fun and all our activities are child led, this is probably why some of our children have been with us throughout their time in primary school and are still coming to us from secondary school.

Feeding the lambs at Acton ScottFeeding the lambs at Acton Scott

Each day we drop off and pick up to and from multiple schools. We have a range of breakfast options to suit all tastes and our after school snack menu was designed with help and input from the kids at club.

From exciting day trips to mad science weeks and from crafting to computing there is something for everyone. Our recent outings have included Acton Scott Farm, where the children bottle fed lambs. Moreton Corbet Castle where the children produced a comic book story entitled ‘Zombies Stink. Last summer they even took a tour round the Shrewsbury Town Football Ground.

We have done a number of creative projects including creating an advertising video for the local Vauxhall dealer – Greenhous, creating our own tie dye t-shirts and putting on a fashion show, and using multiple cameras to produce a 1 GigaPixel image of Shrewsbury that can be found online at the Microsoft Photosynth site.

Each Club has a large crafting zone with a wide range of resources including Hama Beads, Loom Bands, Clay, Paints, Pencils, Wool, Needlecraft and of course, the ubiquitous junk modelling.

We also have weekly cooking activities and may of our recipes can be found be on our website for cooking with kids – All our recipes are kid tested for taste, fun and ease of cooking.

We always celebrate cultural festivals and each year have a party for Chinese New Year, this year it will fall in the half term break so we will celebrate at the local Chinese buffet restaurant and make and take gifts for their staff.

We run our own weather station, which helps us keep track of the temperature and allows to check on rainfall and wind speed.  The station has its own website and can be found at

Full monthly data from the weather station is available for download and can be used by local schools both for maths and science classes.

This is just part of our ‘mad scientist’ project, we have created ‘super bubble liquid’ using cornstarch, glycerol and washing up liquid to make bubbles big enough to go round a person.

We have created dry ice fountains and blown up balloons using only dry ice. We have made Mentos powered cola fountains and even built model volcanoes.

Model volcano at Shrewsbury’s out of school clubModel volcano at Shrewsbury’s out of school club

Our computer and technology suite offers tablets, laptops and desktop systems for children to play, learn and work on.

We run both Microsoft Windows and EdUbuntu Linux to provide variety and to make use of some older hardware we have available.

In addition to computers we also have XBOX, XBOX 360 and Playstation gaming systems.

We have a High Speed Fibre internet connection that enables us talk part in projects such as the Hour of Code, WordPress Challenge and Project Spark. It also lets the children do research for their homework, share games they create with Kodu and much more.

The children run their own blog After School Club Online and this is soon going to be expanded to hold a weekly podcast, written and presented by the kids.

We even provide OpenBadge credit for work on projects that children do in the computer suite. This system recognises the effort that they have put into creating projects and provides a means of crediting the skills they have mastered. The children can take these online badges to school or home to show what they have learned.

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